2017 Pre-Season Testing

Elton and Andy provide a brief overlook at the 2017 Pre-Season Testing. Who’s looking quick & reliable and who hasn’t done their homework. We hope you enjoy. The 2016 Review of the year DVD competition is still running, all you have to do to enter is pop along to iTunes (because thats the store we…

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2017 Liveries

Welcome back as Elton and Andy start building up to the 2017 Formula 1 season. There have been a few changes to the cars in design and style so we thought we’d sit down and go through what we like, what we don’t like and who has the best paint job. So sit back, relax…

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A Shonky Review Of 2012

Welcome to the Shonky Lab, grab your lab coats and don your safety specks. We’re running a week late but sure you lovely lot won’t mind, anyway, on to the show. Pete and Elton talk about how their Christmases were, what they did on new years – does anyone really enjoy Joules Holland any more?…

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