A Shonky Review Of 2012

Welcome to the Shonky Lab, grab your lab coats and don your safety specks.

We’re running a week late but sure you lovely lot won’t mind, anyway, on to the show.

Pete and Elton talk about how their Christmases were, what they did on new years – does anyone really enjoy Joules Holland any more?

Pete went to see Jack Reacher.  Pete and Eltons better halves went to see the Hobbit and loved it.

Elton ended up with a bit of Lego and watched Prometheus again……

Car simulation – Let’s Race http://www.letsrace.co.uk/

Many thanks to Mykl For the offer of the tricked out Wii and thanks go to Chris Johnson for the wicked Cover art and all the wonderful stuff he does on the Facebook page.


What Did We Get Stuck In Our Rectums This Year?


Main Subject of the evening….

The Review of 2012.

Was it a good year for you lovely lot? It was Pete’s first full year in the house, Shonky Lab turns 1, the was a few trips to the cinema including Prometheus, Batman, Looper, Judge Dread, The Avengers, Brave and The Bourne Legacy.

Internet Meme including Gangnam Style, cutting for Bieber, Tiger bread, giraffe bread, Harry Potter Lego and grumpy cat.

There was also news from the year… Red Bull Stratos with Felix Baumgartner, Paul McCartney joined Nirvana, The IKEA Monkey, The Queens Diamond Jubilee, The Olympics (London 2012), The Scream was sold, NASA’s Curiosity Rover, Neil Armstrong passed, Kate Middleton boobs, Kate Middleton pregnant (She loves being in the news), Prince Harry Naked, the Hadron Collider found a God particle, The world was supposed to end….., Jimmy Savile was outed as a dirty ol’ man, Pussyriot did something, the iPad mini came out…. not in that way, Facebook hit the stocks & Shonky Lab completed one whole year.

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