My Struggle

My Struggle II S10 Ep06 – Rethinking The X-Files

Mulder disappears before a scheduled meeting with Tad O’Malley, who has an interesting theory about his and other people’s DNA. Dana herself, who’s had her own DNA tested, discovers an anomaly in the DNA sequence. She believes the human DNA was tampered with when humans were given a vaccine shot. When a disoriented soldier arrives…

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My Struggle S10Ep01 – Rethinking The X-Files

Welcome to the first episode of Rethinking The X-Files. ¬†Elton McManus & Scott Copperman get back together much in the same way Fox Mulder and Dana Scully do in the return of one of the most influential television shows of all time. Rethinking The X-Files is an¬†accompaniment to the new series of The X-Files and…

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