Video Games Pt2

Welcome to the Shonky Lab Pete had to work for four days and Elton met and Nazi


Gary the goat’s Sydney flower-eating crime dismissed

Hawaii Coastguard Mystery: Military Holds Man

“Disrespectful” IKEA ad touches nerve with Thai transsexuals–finance.html?.b=business%2F&.ts=1359038738&.intl=gb&.lang=en-gb&.ysid=3e13t6aN94dOM8rNYr.7TUr_

Florida cops Taser naked burglar who pooped and masturbated when homeowner pulled a gun

UFO Filmed From International Space Station (VIDEO)


Video Games

Including Dreamcast Sea Bass Fishing, Sega Master System, Nintendo NES, Sega MegaDrive, The Mega CD – remember them? Night Stalker, Mortal Combat, Street Fighter, was Kyle Minogue in one of those films?

Grand Prix, Doom, the first time we had a go on a Playstation… Wipeout. Having a Sony build a console, Die Hard trilogy, Metal Gear Solid, International Superstar Football, Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2, Blockbusters.

The wonders of Playstation Night, trying to get out of a hole in Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider 2 was great, repeatedly running Lara Croft into the wall, the Playstation sock for Track and Field, Bomberman was a great 4 player game.


Command and Conquer, Future Cop, G-Police, Silent Hill was very scary, Grand Turismo was and is still a brilliant game.  Mario Kart on N64, Goldeneye.  Will all gaming soon be download only?

Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas, Xbox, PS2, Xbox 360, Lost, PS3, Kinect, Mass Effect – Someone please help us into it. Half Life, Half Life 2 & Blue Shift.


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