Rogue Two Media is all about spreading the word of podcasts.

Whats a Podcast? … well a podcast is like a radio show which you acquire by subscribing, downloading, or listening straight from a website or a digital media store like iTunes, Soundcloud or Stitcher.

All we’re trying to do is spread the word of a few shows which we think you’ll like.

History ’08-’12

Back in 2008 both Elton McManus and Scott Copperman had caught the bug to start podcasting. Scott reached out on a forum they both frequented and An Apotheosis of a Bombast was born, the first episode being released January ’09.

Bombast Header


During the banter before and afterward, the guys would chat about the ABC show LOST, being die hard fans talk got around recording a second show. Rethinking LOST was created in June ’09.new rethinking2

Rethinking LOST came to an almost natural ending in August ’10 after the show had aired its final episode. The show had clocked up 44 episodes. Bombast continued until June ’12 but after 103 episodes time was becoming restricted and the show closed its doors unexpectedly.

’12 – Present Day

Elton continued podcasting with Shonky Lab and Grand Prix Podcast until he was lucky enough to join the ranks of The Black Dog Podcast and Witless for the Defence where he spends his time analysing movies for better or worse.



So what is Shonky Lab? (2012 – 2014)ShonkyLabLogo2013

Way back in 2012 two chums got together in a room above a garage and pondered what to call their new podcast, a few ideas were already set out as to what they would record about but a name alluded them. After about an hour of ummmming and head scratching Elton pressed record and Shonky Lab was born.

But the question still stands, what is Shonky Lab? Well, it’s a podcast where Pete and Elton get together and talk about news, movies, TV shows and topics of the day. News is gathered from various sources around the internet, normally set on the lighter side of life. Every now and then the guys will review a movie/film be it just out of the cinema of one of the forgotten classics.

TV shows are also reviewed but normally in the form of the ongoing ‘Pilot episodes’ where the guys, and maybe a guest host or two, will chew the cud about the very first episode of the series (or season, depending where you come from).

Shonky Lab Reloaded 2015ShonkyLabLogo2015300x300

Things have changed, Pete has departed but the show goes on and on.

Shonky Lab is your show, you get to join in, have your say on any topic you wish. If you wish to join in there are a few ways…

1) You can email shonkylab@gmail.com and recommend a topic. Do this and KABLAMO! you’re on a whole episode.

2) The shows are now LIVE on Mixlr, you know, like Saturday morning TV used to be. During the show Skype is open and you’re free to call in at any point, whether it’s about the topic in hand or something completely different. It’s up to you.

Skype – eltonmcmanus

3) With the shows being broadcast LIVE at Mixlr you can join in with the chat room that is available.

Any way, hope to see you there.


Rethinking The X-Files rethinkingX-files512x512

And so onto Rethinking The X-Files. Elton McManus and Scott Copperman get back together much in the same way Fox Mulder and Dana Scully do to look over and investigate the return of one of the most influential television shows of all time, The X-Files.

Rethinking The X-Files is an accompaniment to the new series of The X-Files so you should really watch the episodes before you listen as there will be spoilers. You have been warned.

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