The Dead Part 3

Scott and Elton return to continue their study of characters who have died (or so we think) on LOST. Part 3, includes a look at the lives, death scenes, and significance of Christian Shepherd, Anthony Cooper, Nikki, Paulo, Goodwin, Nathan, and more. You do know who Nathan is, don’t you?

Scott also reads from a 2006 Buddy TV post which analyzes the Season 2 DVD release party and suggests it may be a sign that ABC is losing faith in LOST.  (Beware of clicking the link, the margins of the site may have links and headlines for more current articles that are  Season 6 Spoilers)

We plan to spend one more show looking at some major deaths in LOST’s first 5 seasons for now, and then we’ll be spending time on other topics. If you have a suggestion of where to turn our 20/20 hindsight or if you know of old analysis you’d like to see us revisit – please let us know.

As always, this is a Season 6 Spoiler-free podcast. So listen without worry.

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