Part Two


Join Elton and Andy as they dig in during the night and take you through Band of Brothers – Part Four – REPLACEMENTS After relaxing on leave in England, Easy company returns to combat with several new replacements and along with veteran soldiers. However, can Easy company maintain the reputation they achieved on D-day and…

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Part Three – CARENTAN

Join Elton and Andy as they walk you through Band of Brothers – Part Three – CARENTAN A week after D-day, the men of Easy Company prepare to take the town of Carentan. But one soldier, Albert Blithe, finds himself struggling with war. Will he be able to fight, or will he succumb to fear…

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Part Two – DAY OF DAYS

Elton and Andy watch Band of Brothers – Part Two – Day of Days. As the men struggle to land in Normandy, Lieutenant Winters finds himself stranded in unknown territory with nothing but a knife and a radioman. Can Winters find his men and take Brecourt Manor?   Next episode we will be covering Part…

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