james may

Board Games

Elton is joined by Lee Harvey to discuss the old way of passing the time, Board Games. Some of the games mentioned are Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, Go, Ghost House, Rummikub and Battleships along with a few games the guys would like to play and a couple of technical glitches. Thank you for downloading and listening….

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Camping & BBQs

Pete and Elton pitch their tent and light up the BBQ as they talk Camping and BBQs. Good experiences, bad shower blocks, coughing ladies and BBQs on the beach are many of the discussions on offer. Enjoy & please spread the word.   Join the Shonky Lab Facebook page…. it’s fun ya know. Visit Incompetech.com for royalty free music

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Are you scared of ghosts? Do you wonder what they are or where they come from? Well this is what Pete and Elton, along with guest Gary Stead are diving into. But before all the ghosty type stuff there’s a little news, feedback and another brand new segment from Jim ‘Hypnogoria‘ Moon “Flicks of the unexpected” Enjoy…

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