Roller Coasters


This week Elton is joined by Greg Spalding, Jim Moon and Matt Hunsworth. The topic?… well it’s  Roller Coasters and Theme Parks of course. Fast rides, water rides, rides which aren’t really rides and close calls are all included, plus more.

Oh, and we also get a call in from Sean which goes to prove that you can call the show anytime you wish.

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Since the last full episode a year ago things have changed. Shonky Lab is your show, you get to join in, have your say on any topic you wish. If you wish to join in there are a few ways…

1) You can email and recommend a topic. Do this and BAM you’re on a whole episode.

2) The shows are now LIVE on Mixlr, you know, like Saturday morning TV used to be. During the show Skype is open and you’re free to call in at any point, whether it’s about the topic in hand or something completely different. It’s up to you.

Skype – eltonmcmanus

3) With the shows being broadcast LIVE at Mixlr you can join in with the chat room that is available.

Any way, hope to see you there.

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