Somewhere in between talk of Zombie Beavers, being ill, going to football matches and Minecraft videos there is a bit of talk about Dinosaurs.

Pete has been ill after a wedding, his son has started recording Minecraft videos and posting them to YouTube. Being late to the party as normal Pete has become hooked on Black Ops.

Elton got his PS3 working, again. Managers playing candy crush and making rape jokes. Went to Wembley to with Jacob and ended up in a Mexican Wave…. You can watch the video here.

And here’s the full link… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1489C4ZQHU

Ate Kangaroo steak which was flipping awesome.

In News.

Man hires escort, turns out to be sons girlfriend.

Man jailed after penis tattooed to drunk mans back.

Puppy blows up owners house after chewing can of deodorant.

Frank Arce Falls Through Wood Chipper, Survives.

Wanted. volunteers to knit woolly jumpers for Penguins.

Man waiting for iPhone 6

Suicide bomber blows himself and his 22 students up


Disciples Road Church…Please do check out the Dinosaurs episode.

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