Time Travel


Welcome to this weeks episode of Shonky Lab where Pete and Elton are joined by our in house Shonky Scientist Guest Producer™ Herc. But why is the Herc here? well,it’s to try and assemble some sort of order as the guys take a shot at Time Travel.

 To start off, we enjoy the joys of overflowing sewage, broken PS3’s and The Lego movie.  Now people, don’t get cross but Elton didn’t like the LEGO movie at all.  Turns out it’s a massive waste of time, unfunny, dull and just an advert for new crappy LEGO sets.

Then we’re bouncing around time trying to make head and tail of that wonderful genre, TIME TRAVEL. Somehow Back to the Future is picked apart and you may never see it in the same light again. Shonky Lab would like to apologise for any distress caused.

Next time out the Lab will be knocking up a ‘Top 5 Dinosaurs’ list.  If you have a favourite Dinosaur then please send it to shonkylab@gmail.com or head over to the Facebook page.



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