Shonky Lab 07.08.5 – The X-Files (Part 2)

the_x_files_Hello you lovely lot, this is Part 2 of The X-Files pilot rewatch. This time you’ll find agent Pete Kelk, agent Elton McManus and special agent Emma Hyam mulling over the awesome feedback that has been sent in. Enjoy. Very soon you’ll be able to find Emma hosting a brand new Dr Who podcast over at ”The Greatest Show In The Galaxy” This podcast is part of a special season involving Hypnobobs and The Black Dog Podcast. Please be sure to check out Hypnobobs as Jim Moon talks about the shows which influenced The X-Files (part 1) and also some real X-Files (part 2) Also please hunt down The Black Dog Podcast where next week they will be talking about the first X-Files movie. Both shows can be found on and iTunes. Lets all stroke the Black Lab called Bobs.