Shonky Lab 07.07 – Favourite Childhood Movies

ShonkyLabLogo2013Welcome to Shonky Lab, this week you find Pete with a mashed up foot after a lady danced on it and he has also signed up to a 24hr bike ride from London to the Paris.

Elton has run a ring main for his kitchen and ended up 50cm too short, got cross with his old kitchen and learned how to spell coleslaw.

The guys missed Sean McGowan’s feedback from last weeks Facts episode so as compensation it’s played out this week. Also please, please, please go and visit The Question Podcast ( ) and listen to every episode*.

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Dog’s Butt Looks Like Teletubby


Reclusive Woman Jean Veal’s Body Eaten By Pet Cats

The body of a reclusive woman was eaten by her cats after it lay undiscovered in her home for several weeks, an inquest has heard.

Horrified officers discovered Janet Veal’s “gnawed and eaten” corpse in the kitchen of her isolated home in Hampshire after concerned neighbours raised the alarm, the Southern Daily Echo reported.


‘Zombie Pigeons’ Invade Moscow Sparking Fears Of Bird Apocalypse

The streets of Moscow have been littered with dead and dying pigeons in recent weeks, prompting fears the birds had fallen victim to a “zombie apocalypse”.

Video footage of the birds twisting their necks, walking backwards and standing motionless in the paths of oncoming traffic added to the alarm, Russia’s Life News revealed.–moscow-bird-apocalypse_n_3790257.html


Dog eats paralysed man’s testicle while he sleeps

A 39-year-old US man, who is paralysed from the waist down, recently adopted a “small, white, fluffy” stray dog to be his loving companion.

The new relationship went swimmingly for about three weeks, until the dog chewed off one of his new owner’s testicles.

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Geronimo Narciso, Truck Driver Dies After Accidentally Shooting Off Own Penis

Gary Bolton Jailed Over Fake Bomb Detectors

A businessman has been sentenced to seven years in prison for making and selling fake bomb detectors.

Gary Bolton, 47, made millions of pounds selling the devices around the world, boasting they could detect explosives, drugs, ivory, tobacco and even money.

And so onto the Main Subject of the Evening…

The very lazy and thrown together Favourite Childhood Movies.


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