Shonky Lab 07.03 – Boot Fairs

ShonkyLabLogo300x300We start the show by eating some funky chocolate bars kindly food dropped by Louisa Scrase to the Shonky Lab. Many Thanks.

Elton is has finally finished World War Z and is looking forward to seeing the film. Also got around to seeing Blade Runner on Blu-Ray and it was good although saxophone are a bit rubbish.

Frogs have been set free. Went to see the Stone Roses at Finsbury Park.

Pete was serenaded by Nick Kershaw and met a Jack Sparrow look-a-like.


A dogs bum that looks like Jesus.

Drunk Women ‘Made Boy, 10, Drive Them Home’

Beggar, racked in £300 per day.

The ‘Blue’ Red Arrow

Bomb washed in sink.

The guys also have a chat about Xbox One vs PS4 although since this was recorded, Xbox have backtracked on many things. Still, Elton will be getting a PS4.

Then on to the main subject, ‘Boot Fairs’.


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