Shonky Lab 06.07 – Chocolate Bars

ShonkyLabLogo300x300Chocolate bars are on the agenda this week but before you hear all about our friend of years gone by theres News, opening with a jingle.

In News….

Angry Maserati owner hires men to sledgehammer his car

A furious motorist hired four men to smash up his luxury Maserati Quattroporte with sledgehammers outside a car show in protest at the company’s poor customer service.

Man accidentally shoots himself in the leg while bowling

A man shot himself in the leg at a busy Florida bowling alley after accidentally firing a gun in his pocket.

Cops think the bowler went to swing the ball — but bashed it on his limb — which set off the concealed revolver to shoot.

Giant six-foot penis drawn on butcher’s brand new £3,500 driveway

A butcher got the shock of his life when he arrived at his shop to discover a 6ft-long penis carved into his new £3,500 parking lot.

Simon Thornton, who is also a member of the Godalming council in Surrey, had been looking forward to using the new parking spaces behind his store.

But his enthusiasm was cut short after a vandal scrawled the genitalia onto the concrete.

Naked Man Carrying Giant Cross Runs Through Beijing China: Can You Help Solve The Mystery?

A picture of a naked man running down a street with a giant crucifix reportedly in Beijing, has gone viral as internet users don their deerstalkers and attempt to solve the mystery.

5 crazy-stupid things that drunken tourists have done

Face it, we’ve all done things on vacation we regret.  But sometimes all sense of good judgment goes out the window when people have had too much to drink.


I’m still trying to wrap my head around this one. Here goes: A 35-year-old Swedish man—who is only being named as Hasse—was found dead on his farm outside Ystad after making sweet, sweet love to a hornet’s nest.


Many thanks for listening while you eat your favourite chocolate bars.

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