Shonky Lab 06.05 – Robots in Sci-Fi

ShonkyLabLogoPete and Elton are here this week, after a week off again…. sorry about that, to talk about Robots in Sci-Fi.

Before that there is a bit of chat and news…

1. Fake funeral service proving popular after student holds her own false ceremony

Following the revelation a Chinese student staged her own funeral so she could ‘enjoy’ the day, it has emerged the fake ceremony has also proved popular with other people from the country.

When Zeng Jia held her own wake, despite the fact she was still alive, many thought it was morbid and self-obsessed but it now turns out it wasn’t an unusual occurrence……

2. Man shoots himself in the head with foot-long harpoon and survives

You’ve got to be pretty foolhardy to fire a 12-inch harpoon into your own eye – and pretty lucky to live to tell the tale. Bruno Coutinho, 34, managed both.

The Brazilian was cleaning the loaded firearm, which he uses to go fishing, when he accidentally set it off and fired the spear into his left eye socket….

3. Scientist who spent 16 years studying boobs of 300 women declares bras are useless


A French scientist who spent 16 years studying hundreds of women’s breasts has come to the conclusion that bras are useless.

Jean-Denis Rouillon unveiled his surprising findings this week to a French university radio station, having carefully analysed the boobs of more than 300 women, aged 18 to 35, since 1997….

And Now……

The robots the guys talk about range from the obvious R2-D2 from Star Wars, Huey, Dewey, & Louie from Silent Running and B.O.B & V.I.N.Cent from the Black Hole to the robots from ‘The Class of 1999’ and the robots from ‘Runaway’.

We also touch upon
And Star Wars in Character –


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