Films Of 2013

It’s -3 around the Shonky Lab and the guys are here to talk about the upcoming films of 2013.

Before that we’re looking forward to Pete getting snowed either in, or out.  Elton has enrolled in college and would like a Benetton bag. 21 Jump Street was watched and it turns out it was bobbins. Skyrim is being played and is taking over lives and looking forward to Aliens : Colonial Marines

Hello to Antony James and an explanation on the Jam Jar.

In news…

Teacher sues school because of fear of children , 

Attacked woman told to get closer to rhino

& Belgian Woman, Drives 900 Miles Off 90-Mile Route Because Of GPS Error

Films of 2012

G.I. Joe for a bit of silly fun action, World War Z is starting to look good, Iron Man 3 is failing to impress,Man of Steel is dividing thoughts as the trailer looks great but could just be all looks and no trousers.

Pete is looking forward to The Wolverine although there isn’t a trailer for this yet and Elton is has the same feelings for The Evil Dead.  The guys are not looking forward to Star Trek : Into Darkness although we bet a ton of you lot will be.

Jurassic Park, Top Gun, Star Wars Ep II & III and a bunch of other old and new films will be coming out in 3D this year. Red 2 silly action (again) where as Pacific Rim looks mind blowing!!!! Elton likes the look of OZ : The Great and Powerful. Tom Cruses new movie called Oblivion is looking good although it could be Wall-E in disguise.

Unfortunately because there are kids knocking around the Shonky Lab houses Horrid Henry may have to be seen. Hansel and Gretel is another cash-in on your memories, Riddick hopefully is a return to the Pitch Black style. The Hunger Games sequel will be out, 47 Ronin could be good and obviously there will be a new Hobbit movie.

With that sorted out Pete goes on to spoil The Mist so please be warned!!!!!!!

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