Saving Private Ryan (Second Deployment)

Welcome to the Second Deployment of the Band Of Brothers Podcast. Your hosts Elton McManus and Andy Poulastides are here to walk you through possibly the greatest TV show ever created.

The Second Deployment? Yes, we’ve done all this before but as time went on, we we’re unhappy with the results. So here we are, heading out once again to cover Band Of Brothers and any other material that interests us.

We are NOT experts, veterans or master tacticians of World War II but we do love a bloody good war movie so that’s why we’re here. The only official research we have to do is to watch the episode or film that we’re covering. If you’re after in depth historically accurate material, there are plenty of other shows out there. This may not be the place for you. That’s cool.
Please note that we may drop the odd swear now and again or may something inappropriate so please make sure the children can not hear as we wouldn’t want to pollute their vocabulary.

So where is the first episode of Band of Brothers? Well, we decided to start from where it all began. the 1998 Steven Spielberg classic Saving Private Ryan.


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