Hi, my name is Elton McManus and I set up what would become RogueTwoMedia in 2009. Since 2008 I’ve been listening to and creating podcasts. Over the years I feel that I have become quite good at it, I’m certainly not perfect but I am, in my opinion, getting better the more episodes I put out.
In ’06 I moved out of the London area for a much better life for my wonderful, growing family. That year we moved house, had our second child and I changed jobs which meant spending a lot more time travelling in a van.

At this point I had already acquired a taste for spoken word radio but I was finding it harder and harder to either get a solid reception or find a set of programs to help me through the day.
This is where podcasts come to the rescue. I was heavily into the tv program LOST and found the LOST Initiative with Iain Lee, it was a SkyOne production and within the first episode I downloaded, I was hooked. I started looking around for other shows and found Movies You Should See from Simply Syndicated, ended up joining their forum, from there I was put in contact with Mr Scott Copperman with whom I recorded many, many episodes of An Apotheosis of a Bombast and Rethinking LOST.

In the meantime I had recorded four short episodes with my better half and had been bitten by the bug.

So what is the idea behind this Patreon page? Well, I love recording these shows whether it be as the host or the guest and I want to build on what I am doing. I’ve slowly turned the show Shonky Lab into a LIVE experience and would like to build on the ‘call in’ opportunities I have here but getting the time is sometimes tricky so if I could use this site as part of or as a wage then I will have more time.

More time means more episodes and hopefully new shows. What I would love to do in future is expand Shonky Lab into a regular show two nights a week where we have the topic discussions one night and a solid call in show the other.
You never know, I might be able to pull it off so please do consider helping me out.
Many thanks.


Just incase you’re wondering what the PATREON would be going towards

Hosting Covered

$50 per month

Reaching this goal will mean that all the podcast hosting and website charges are covered.

Live Shows Covered

$75 per month

Hitting this goal means we can host our live broadcasts and chat room on our own webpage. This means it’ll be easier for everyone to gain access to our LIVE content.

Video of the recording Setup

$100 per month

If I hit this goal I will produce a video with regards to my podcast setup. It’ll be a tour of my dining roo…. erm… studio setup, the equipment I use, the programs I like and where all my wires plug in. The video will be released to Patreons first and then into the wild at a later stage.

New Equipment

$125 per month

When this goal is reached we can start to replace important pieces of equipment. Microphones, cables, mixers, computers and everything in-between fail from time to time, they won’t last forever even though we’d like them to.
Old equipment will be replaced with new and improved kit so the shows sound quality will increase. It will not improve the slap dash method of so of the shows though.

A New Show

$150 per month

We have many ideas for new shows and if this goal is reached then a new one will be let out into the wild. The subject of which remains a secret. We can give the suprise away can we.

A Star Trek podcast…

$250 per month

I am not a Star Trek fan. It’s not that I hate it, it’s more of a ‘not my thing’ ………thing. You get what I mean, anyway if I reach this goal then I will watch and review Star Trek season 1 of the original series, two episodes per month while the goal stands. I will be roping co-hosts in to help me along my path so give me a shout if you’re interested. The show will be released to Patreons first and then as a podcast at a later date.

Full time podcaster.

$2,500 per month

Wow, full time podcaster it is then, with this you’ll get five episodes a week. This may be spread across a few shows, I haven’t decided yet but still that’s everyday of the working week. Hey, I’ve got to have targets right?….. Right