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Welcome to An Apotheosis of a Bombast, the podcast which is exactly that: a perfect example of inflated speech or writing.

Listen in on (and read) Scott & Elton’s observations, analysis, and general commentary on the universe as they each see it through their little windows, 2 meters wide, on opposite sides of the Atlantic.

Running from 2009 – 2012

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Rethinking LOST is, plain and simple, a podcast about the greatest TV show ever…… until they balls up the end and we all denounce it.

Running from June ’09 – August ’10

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Don your smoking jacket, pop on your slippers and reach for your pipe… Sit back and enjoy the feeling of being a ‘real man’.
Elton and Pete guide you through the topics of the day, that every discerning gentleman should be well informed on…

Running from January ’12 – May ’14  (And hopefully to return very, very soon)

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