Dreams & Sleep

Do you like that feeling of waking up but not knowing where you are?

Do you sleep talk or walk? Ever had umpy pumpy with Joan Collins in a dream? …..interesting.

Well Pete and Elton dive into these and more as they talk dreams and sleep.

Besides, we all do it don’t we.

Sucker Punch

The Sucker-Black-Shonky-Hypno-Dog-Bobs-Lab-Punch episode.

The reason for the title?….. Well Pete and Elton are joined by Lee and Darren from the Black Dog podcast + Darrens better half Laura, and Mr Jim Moon of Hypnobobs (we’re starting to think his first name is really Mr)

Anyway the gang dive head first into the world of Sucker Punch.


Ultimate Dinner Guests

There’s TV talk, a boy can see in the dark, clean or dirty olympics and growing meat in a dish to start off this weeks episode of Shonky Lab.

Then Pete and Elton talk about who they would invite to their own ultimate dinner party.

Enjoy and spread the word.

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Oh and don’t forget the next film the guys will be looking at is Sucker Punch

Zombie Equipment

Hot milk on weetabix? Thermos flasks, teasmaids and a bit of news start this full to the brim episode.

But the crux of why we’re here is to prepare for the Zombie apocolypse.  So Pete and Elton turned to that online store Amazon in search of equipment…

We hope you enjoy the results, if you do then please spread the word.

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Pete and Elton hit their first film review… Watchmen

But it’s not just the film, oh no, the novel is compaired and contrasted too.  Just to see what holds up and works, and what falls flat on its face like a dead squid… er… squib…. yeah, squib.

Plus did Alan Moore invent the Segway?

Films Of 2012

What side does a zip go on? Batman – A killing joke, a few computer games and looking forward to the films of 2012… that’s what you lucky lot have to look forward to in this weeks episode of Shonky Lab.

Enjoy and spread the word.

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Cartoons are on the cards today at the Shonky Lab but not before Pete and Elton say thanks for some feedback, talk about dolphin habits and is Peppa Pig a bad influence?


Enjoy and please spread the word.


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Welcome to the first episode of Shonky Lab.

Here you’ll find Pete and Elton talking what the show will be about (kind of), films, general chit chat and what happened in 2011.