Shonky Lab 05.06 – Future Stuff We Should Have

ShonkyLabLogo300x300There is computer trouble in the Shonky Lab, horse in our burgers and Elton gets Noah and Moses mixed up.   The main subject this week is about stuff we should have by now but don’t.

This can take many form be it * takes deep breath *…

Hover Boards, virtual reality and rehydrated food. Transporters, robots we can fight in, replicators, holograms, everyday space flight, killer Terminator robots from the future and time machines that enable us to hide from them in the past.

A totalitarian government that is 100% open about not giving a shite about what the people want. A toupee that looks realistic! Space travel…..before real physics spoiled it all. Jet packs, meals in pill form, mars colony, robo servants, death rays, hover cars. Genetically recreated dinosaurs or a Mammoth. People living on the moon. The orgasmo-ball from the Woody Allen film “Sleeper” is a overdue by now.

Oh and here’s the link for the self parking car…

Enjoy and spread the word.

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