2004 First Impressions

Who is Greg Grunberg?

In this episode we talk about questions the posed about and around the pilot episode at the Ain’t it Cool News website by their correspondant, “Hercules.” (be careful, accessing the main AICN site, at  www.aintitcool.com, may lead to Season 6 spoilers, but the links provided below are SPOILER-FREE)

  • Lost 1.1 FAQ from 24th July 2004
  • Interview with Damon Lindelof from 21st August 2004 (did he really just say something else would be crashing on the island?)

We also look back at Entertainment Weekly’s first impressions of the main characters from 5th October 2004: some good, some not so good.

Thank you once again to everyone for your great feedback, but please don’t stop.

And seriously, who is Greg Grunberg?

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